We search for and invest in innovative and breakthrough technologies in green energy, optics, electrification and more.

ATA currently owns controlling stakes in 3 companies working on the most critical components of the next-gen EV and are looking for complementary technologies to improve EV further, such as AI, Autonomous Driving, new composite materials, UX/UI etc.

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Enabling a Sustainable & Electrified Future. Cobalt-Free. TexPower EV Technologies Inc. was founded in 2019 by world renowned Prof. Arumugam Manthiram and his best students from UT Austin.

We aim to deploy our novel cobalt-free, high-energy, drop-in cathode materials in lithium-based batteries used across the U.S. and beyond.

Our cathodes can replace commercial battery cathodes “Powder for Powder”, and thus are extremely flexible for any battery form factor and are applicable wherever portable power is required.

Photon Auto was founded in 2022 to produce small batches of luxury EV with next-gen technologies, such as Ultra High Energy Battery and LIDAR for Crash Prevention.

Photon Auto, based in Houston, Texas is developing a luxury electric passenger vehicle, equipped with state-of-the-art battery and safety features. Leveraging abundant intellectual, scientific, engineering and industrial resources of Texas and Louisiana, Photon Auto one of the pioneers of the new EV cluster of the US South

Class 4 Autopilot, Adaptive Crash Prevention System and a 1000 miles battery are just a few features that will come with the new EV.

IQP has developed and patented a novel Low Photon Flux Sensor, based on new physical principles and able to capture a single photon of light, opening up a new revolutionary realm of possibilities.

The sensor has several key technological advantages, including the capture of a Single Photon of light. This sensor will enable new LIDARs with sensitivity 25-100X times better than existing ones, providing a much-needed boost to all AI systems. IQP believes that this new technology can lead to the creation of Colored Night Vision.

These innovative devices will also open up new opportunities for revolutionary imaging devices in medical and other industries.